I started this company because I found that there were too many website hosts online that offer a bad service and offer unrealistic limits on the hosting accounts.


I started hosting websites from a raspberry pi for a local business. Sure we are not doing this now. I then moved on to hosting sites from a VPS server hosted by OVH. Which went well but all the sites had to be managed by me and the end user never got a control panel to manage their own sites.


I looked around and found that cPanel was a great website control panel and started moving all the sites to my servers. 

About us


We now provide what I think is great website hosting for anyone. With great speeds and great support.


All servers have at least 8 CPU cores and 32GB of ram. They all have CloudLinux, cPanel and LightSpeed.


If you are looking for a cheaper price. No problem give us a email and we will find a plan that will suit you!